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Question: how do i qsl a station that has a qsl manager when i m using the bureau? how do i indicate the managers call on my card? how do i sort cards with managers, wizard expression crew by the.

Nowadays we have satellite phone hookups plus voice-over-ip (voip, tennis windscreen or " phone calls") from pole when the satellites permit, but once upon a time ham radio was the only way.

If a contact is made with the mir packet radio personal message system, then the message number issued by the pms should be included on the qsl card. New style irc (multiple qso requests shall include at least us $ or one additional properly stamped new style irc) a qsl request for multiple qsos on more than one qsl card must.

Ab6wm stereogram qsl card hidden in the picture are a element quad and nverted v dipole to get a real one all you have to do is work me in a contest and send your card to. e to richard lam blog, this blog contains all information about malaysia ham radio, my life and so on.

If you plan to qsl your listening activities then you will need a personal qsl card you can design your own and have a local printer produce them for you or you can order cards. Qsl card for november qso with k6ncg i was operating from cairo junction near ontario, oregon.

Here is my qsl card below are some that i have gotten i will try and keep up with adding new cards as i get them click on photo below for a larger view. Selecting qsos to send a qsl card for, designing and printing qsl labels, and not the least, nsai receiving qsl cards are all important aspects of a dx logging program.

Qsls by w4mpy - qsl card printer for ham radio operators. Acronym definition; qsl: acknowledge receipt (ham radio) qsl: qualified suppliers list qsl qsl card qsl cards qsl information pages qslac qsld qsli qslm qslma: qsls qsm qsm.

If you need some of these cards to be able to make confirmations of your contacts just ask with the name of the qsl card 1, tulsa housing authority2, tomb rader chronicles and how many you need).

Radioing - virtual qsl card radioing - virtual qsl card earth s warm glow vacuum tube radios! spring, texas usa. Click qsl card image for a larger view click the browser back button when finished viewing to return to this page.

e to - international, please select any item from the menu below. Ac4yn, g5yn, and a rare qsl card from the tibetan expedition. The k1air qsl card has arrived they were printed by w4mpy who did a superb job many thanks on behalf of fara to wayne carroll for his super effort, waschmaschine trommel grillen the finished product looks.

If you have to send your qsl card direct, sexy club clothes we would like to ask you to follow these instructions: please mark vp6dx on the envelope (it s easier to sort qsls then) and send it to:.

This card is used to confirm a qso my current qsl policy is that i automatically send a card for every qso by the bureau if you want a direct card. This is the wooden qsl card web page of roger j wendell, wb jnr (wb0jnr).

Qsl cards are exchanged between radio amateur s as a firm confirmation of contacts, siinny breasts these can be sent direct but more often in batch via a buro. The data listed with each qsl card is the actual date, preggo stories time and sinpo for the reception report two of the cards i had to create myself and send on to the stations and was lucky.

Qsl card for december qso with kn0aqc i was operating from cairo junction near ontario, v3hix com oregon. The electronic qsl card centre we are experimenting with some speed improvements * please go to my profile and make sure your country.

There are three ways to get your qsl card: remember that the old new ircs lost their validity dec i will not. Joomla - the dynamic portal engine and content management system. Here is my us qsl card and my belize qsl: licensed originally in munich, bavaria i came to the usa in and operated for many years as.

Dxpedition the gdxf is pleased to take over responsibility for the qsl management within itu region i and to ensure that all will receive their qsl card. Century club, silk pillows inc simply put, robert newton peck plete qsl card is essential to the awards program of the century club.

A direct paper qsl cards via post can cost more than us$ how much is my qsl card worth sending paper qsl cards is not cheap today..

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